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Are you courageous or stubborn?

In Vegas two players sit at a Texas Hold’em table. Each is raising the pot and forcing more chips onto the table. Each shows no external fear and keeps raising the stakes.

One is a newbie. He knows the basics and has won a few hands in a row. His hubris has given him unmerited trust in his ability to win.

The other is a veteran. He knows the statistics, he’s seasoned in reading his opponents. The risk he’s taking with his bets are being made in direct relation to the certainty of success he feels.

The veteran knows that 75% of the time he’s going to win in this situation. He’s able to be courageous in the face of uncertainty because he’s informed and experienced.

Even if by rough chance he loses this hand he knows he’ll be back and eventually he’ll get those chips back, plus the stubborn newbie’s chips.

Are you courageous or stubborn?

When things are going well and your team is successful it’s very difficult to discern whether you’re acting like the courageous veteran or the stubborn newbie. Today is a good time to pause and reflect on the risks you’re taking. Are you making risky decisions from a position of measured confidence or from a position of blind stubbornness?


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