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Here’s to an awesome 2012

Three months ago I made a commitment to write one blog post per week through the end of the year—mission accomplished.  Writing has been super helpful for me to develop some thoughts, and I’ve loved that so many folks have  been commenting and sharing the posts.

Q4 2011 Visitor Report

I’ve seen good visitor growth since starting this blog up, I’m gauging the utility of this blog based on reader growth. If it’s growing it means the content is useful and people are sharing it with their co-workers, friends, and peers. It looks like people are definitely finding it useful so far.

I read all of the comments, so if you have a question or request—please let me know. If I think it would be helpful I may even write a full post about it.


Here’s an amazing video of the best wins caught on tape this last year. Enjoy.


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