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How I keep my files secure, backed up, and available

Online security is a huge issue. I have a really simple but effective habit for securing my data. Let me know if it helps you or if you have any questions:

Encrypt my Password List — 1password
This is a piece of software that stores all of my passwords in an encrypted file in one database on my local drive. I use a long alpha numeric password that is changed regularly to make this difficult to crack.

Encrypt my Files— Knox
This software takes a file folder of documents and secures them with military grade encryption. Good enough for most anything less than the NSA.

Bring my files with me — Encrypted USB drive
I have a tiny 16gb USB drive that I keep in my wallet that has a Knox encrypted folder that has all of my active files and most important documentation backed up on it.

Encrypted active docs
Monthly I take all of my active projects folder and I encrypt it and throw it in this folder. This gives me immediate access to all of my files on any computer.

Double encrypted passwords
I keep a back up of my 1Password database on my thumb drive and encrypt it as well which means all of my passwords are backed up and locked down under two layers of encryption.

Address book back up
I keep a monthly updated copy of my address book on the drive as well, which has come in handy multiple times.

Tools to buy:
Encrypted USB Drive
Dropbox account


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