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How to not lose your Twitter account

Twitter was hacked in 2013 and the first 250,000 users had their usernames and encrypted passwords taken. I happened to be one of those people.

When I went to get a new password I found out that the email address connected to the account was old and I had lost access to that Gmail account months before. I thought I’d lost all 4,000 followers for good.

Here’s how to protect from losing your Twitter, Facebook, or other major account

Put on your calendar 20 minutes now toward the end of each year
Take this time to go through you’re major accounts and make sure that your latest email address and phone number are connected to the account.

Make sure you have a phone number attached to your account
If you add your cell phone number to an account you’ll always be able to have a text message sent so that you can get a new password.

Write down the dates that you started your account
While working with Google to get access to my old gmail account they asked me questions like “When did you start your gmail account?” “Who sent you the invite to get started?” I didn’t know the exact answer to these since it had be 7 years since I did it. It would make sense to go to your oldest gmail message, mark down the date, and store it in 1Password or a similar software program.

If you have any other advise please feel free to add to the comments.


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