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Make something

I just ordered a cup of coffee and asked if I could pay for a refill up front. The barista told me that I didn’t have to pay anything—the refill would only cost my soul.

I declined.

Of course she was joking, but this got me thinking what do we sell our soul for? Money, power, comfort—what are the areas in your life that you trade the good things that give you life for the shallow things that don’t satisfy?

As I sat in the booth starting email I kept looking over at the bakers through the window to my right (see picture above) they were laughing, working hard, making some of the best bread in the city—they were making something with a smile as a group. And here I am banging away at a keyboard.

Making things is one thing that fuels me. What are the things that fuel you that you’ve been selling yourself short on and how can you get back to what’s important?


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