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What you can learn from 3 men who take on 15 lions

A small coordinated team of African hunters have the audacity to take on a pride of lions. Some would say they’re foolish—I think they know a secret… Small teams that work as one can be incredibly effective

The hunters know exactly what they’re doing. They’ve planned, they’ve talked, they’ve swallowed fear, and they’ve decided—they are taking on a crazy task.

“Great things in business are not done by one person, they are done by a team of people.” —Steve Jobs


  • This small team was out looking for it’s next opportunity
  • Larger and seemingly more powerful opponents are not always an obstacle, but often an opportunity
  • Boldness can be intimidating to even the most ferocious opponent
  • They started very close together as one to move in unnoticed and spread out to appear larger when that was advantageous—smart
  • They had a small weapon that was ready if things went wrong—it wouldn’t stop the opponent, but it would make them think twice about attacking
  • They watch out closely for their opponents next move
  • They move quickly and get out quickly before the bigger adversary can come back and take the prize by strength
  • They let the big guy take the left overs—it was still enough to feed them

Any other observations?


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