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Uncover the power of the prototype

Whether you’re starting a new website, business, or ministry—don’t pass the opportunity to prototype your idea.

These Doritos packages were designed by Peter Povlov, a Macedonian designer who had an idea for a new way to package food. Instead of type the idea out, just draw a picture, or even get a 3D rendering—he just made a prototype.

  • In web design a prototype is called a wireframe.
  • In architecture a prototype is an architectural model.
  • Apple even built a full scale prototype of the Apple Store in a warehouse before they built the first one.
  • Ford builds full scale versions of each of it’s cars out of clay.

Computers are powerful, but even the best rendering doesn’t have the tactile and emotional connection that a real object has. I would highly recommend thinking through what a prototype looks like in your world.

A prototype:

  • Makes it more likely that people who see it will support your work.
  • Helps you see your idea, and make changes before it’s finalized.
  • Makes it easier to communicate your vision.
  • Allows for more objective input from others.
  • Gives you a boost of motivation to keep going with the project.


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