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“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” ~Edison

We all like to believe in the myth of the lone visionary. This is the lie of Newton getting hit with an apple and suddenly discovering gravity. This is the lie that there was nothing, then a brilliant stroke of genius, then BAM a great outcome.

What is vision?

Vision is all about defining the end goal and keeping people focused on it. It’s not just about the goal—it’s about rallying people around the goal. It’s about helping the vision become their vision.

How does vision relate to strategy?

Vision dictates where you’re supposed to end up, and strategy is all about how you get there. If you’re the type of person who has a lot of vision then your main role should be to keep others focused on the vision. Remind them, motivate them, retell the stories of the vision.

The vision caster should work closely with the strategist—ask questions, poke holes, ensure that at every step the vision is driving the strategy.

How does vision relate to execution?

Whatever you do don’t—don’t—don’t skip from vision to execution. If you’re the visionary type you’ll have a propensity to see where you want to go and just tell people how to do it. Essentially what happens here is that you’re failing at your job as being the vision caster and you’re becoming a conductor. If you do this you cut all of the other leaders around you at the knees.


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