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Walk into the fear

I leaned back on the seat of my mountain bike digging my heals into the steep mountain dirt path. Just below me was a small wooden bridge leading a large rock face, on the other side of the boulder was a 12 foot drop. I was 19 and scared—this was my biggest drop yet. 3 – 2 – 1 here goes nothing.

Rolling toward the rock… That feeling of fear eases. My front tire goes over the front of the rock. Butterflies in the stomach.  Mid-air. Will I make it?

Nailed it! Success. Double fist pumps.

You may be in a place of debilitating fear. Any time you think about THAT THING your stomach turns. It could be that difficult conversation you need to have with that friend, it could be that dream you have but you fear failing, it could be about anything. What are you afraid of?

Watch this video of a 10 year old facing her fear.

Several years ago I heard Seth Godin say “The best thing to do is to walk straight into the fear”. He went on to explain that almost no one walks into the fear, they just won’t take the risk, there is a lot of opportunity on the other side of fear.

Some question to ask before walking into the fear blindly

  • Will the worst case scenario hurt others?
  • Am I willing to risk a relationship to do what’s right?
  • Why am I fearing losing my comfort and ease?
  • What am I called to?
  • Can I still provide for my family if I fail? ( The answer is yes way more often than the fear will tell you)
  • It is the right thing to do?
  • What happens if you don’t do it?
  • Who can you get wise counsel from?



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