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What is a driverless car?

Well friends, the future is here. Put on your seat belt, tell Siri where you want to go, and let your Google car take you there.

Last week at SXSW I got to listen and meet some great minds—one thing that I heard several times was the beginning of the driverless car. It came from several people on the tech side and the transportation logistics side. Google is already driving around in computer controlled cars. It’s rumored that there have only been a few accidents in the thousands of miles driven—and those were when a human had turned off the computer and was behind the wheel.

This is a blog trying to give you the tools to implement your vision and take on big projects. I can’t think of a much bigger project than this. I hope that by showing you some of the things that are dropping my jaw it will help you to think bigger and more creatively.  If that’s something you’re interested in I’d love if you subsribed to the feed, follow me on twitter, or send a link of the site to a friend.

To read more about the autonomous vehicle: Wired, Atlantic

A video of what an intersection could look like with driverless cars


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