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You need good strategy & solid tactics

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before
– Sun Tzu (Chinese General, circa 500 BC)

Often people with a big vision just start to work. Popular catch phrases like “a thousand mile journey begins with one step” make us believe that we should just start. But you probably aren’t stupid enough to actually start on a thousand mile journey without a significant amount of research, training, and planning.

With any big project you should have a vision, build a strategy, and plan your tactics.

Vision– Why do we exist and where do we need to go?

Strategy– What are the main things that will need to be done to achieve the vision and who will do them?

Tactics– How are we going to implement the strategy?

There is an order to this

Don’t fall into the trap of beginning to implement on a vision. First go through the work of defining and communicating a vision, doing the research and hard work necessary to create a strategy, and only then do you begin to get to a tactical level.

Would it be helpful for me to dive deeper into Vision, Strategy, and Tactics?


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