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Jamie Munson

If you’re a leader, you should read Jamie’s blog.

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine. When I was originally hired to get the Resurgence up and running Jamie was my boss’, boss’, boss. He was only 30 years old and was running a multi-million dollar organization with thousands of people involved. It wasn’t until after he moved on that I realized how important his leadership was. I’ve learned a lot from watching Jamie and think it would be worth you bookmarking his blog. Here’s a few posts worth checking out:

How My Moleskine Makes Life More Manageable

It is not as if one person thinks for an organization while another person implements. We all think, and we all do. However, they require very different head-space for me and without a system to manage that, I was frustrated. The key for me is knowing how and when I’m ready to write, create, dream and think without any obligation to do anything and on the other hand, when I’m ready to power through my to-do list.

How To Prioritize for a Productive Day

Find the time of day that you are the most productive, and use that time to prioritize. Some people are afternoon people. Energized by lunch, they see the latter half of the day in front of them, and the crunch puts them in gear.

You Can’t Teach Hustle

You can’t teach hustle.If you want long term success, invest in the hustle. Just like it can make or break a great basketball team, hustle can make or break a great organization.

You can follow Jamie on Twitter here. If you end up following him tell him I say hi.


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